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Pinci & Bianchini Law Offices is an international law network with offices in both Europe and the United States, providing legal services to a wide spectrum of international private clients, as well as multinational corporations doing business in Europe and the United States. Of the small number of international firms, Pinci & Bianchini holds a unique position since the firm's offices are situated throughout Italy and Europe (Milan, Rome, Genova, Florence, Naples, and Athens) and thus able to serve clients conveniently and efficiently in both Europe and the United States. The New York office, provides full support to the overall practice network, and each office may provide attorneys qualified to appear and litigate in the local courts. We have the experts and the resources to fully support your needs -- no matter how varied or complex.

Please use this site to learn more about our highly experienced team of lawyers and legal professionals as well as our base of quality services.

For information, please contact:
Marcantonio Pinci
Pinci & Bianchini
Law Offices

Via Falcone, 7
20123 Milano, Italia
Tel: (39) (02) 8639-1444
Fax: (39) (02)8639-1449
Alessandro Bianchini
Pinci & Bianchini
Law Offices

Via Roma, 3
50123, Firenze, Italia
Tel: (39) (055) 265 8111
Fax: (39) (055) 265 5196
Betul U.Diskaya
Pinci & Bianchini
Law Offices
/New York

488 Madison Avenue, Suite 1100
New York, NY 10022
Tel. (212) 753-4739
Fax: (212) 583-9136
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